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Regarding the Plot

Post by Mali Vuk on Sun Mar 13, 2016 1:18 pm

The Pack of Aging Dusk abides by the wolf code of family before friends. Everyone within the pack should consider one another as a part of their family-- meaning that everyone is accounted for and protected by one another before any other wolf. The atmosphere of the pack is loose-military. The Alphas administrate the pack's entirety. They're to be reported to by the Lead Tiers about the pack's improvement, or if there is anything concerning. The Lead Tiers are to be reported to by the Medium Tiers for their training and assessments, as well as if there are matters that need to be tended to. This doesn't make the Alphas untouchable, however-- any member of the pack can approach them if it so pleases them to.

There are sparring sessions that are to be held often, so that Convoyers, Slayers, and Mercenaries can display and improve on their skills. An Alpha or a Lead must be present during theses spars to monitor the tension of the situation. Falconers and Emissaries can participate in the spars as well.

There are no special ceremonies to be held for a pup becoming a full member of the pack, nor for a wolf to be ranked up into the High Tier-- we are not warrior cats. It will simply happen O.O.C, or casually role played in the presence of whomever is there.

The pack is open to all wolves and dogs. There are no special personalities or abilities required to be admitted in this pack. We're a literate, semi-realistic wolf group. That being said, there are height restrictions on some of the ranks. This is so that there is realism within the pack.
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