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Post by Mali Vuk on Sat Mar 12, 2016 5:58 pm

So that there won't be any confusion, please follow the example template for when making your post.

As the description entails, this forum is meant for a mated pair to recruit puppies for their litter. The post should be informative-- if you want your pups to look like you, that is. You are in control of what you get. If you want your puppies to look specific, include the color codes and markings that they need to be. Even better, include drawings within your post. Give them a personality bio so that people interested have an idea of the character they might take on.
Stay on top of your post. When you accept someone to claim a puppy, go back to your post and update it so that everyone will know that the pup isn't available. When all puppies in your litter have been confirmed and claimed, update your title with the litter's birth date. Unless there are complications to which you absolutely have to set the birth at a very late day, try to make the birthing within two weeks after the pups have been confirmed.

Here is an example of what your post should look like originally when the litter is open, and when the litter is closed.
(Title of post) Charlie and Naomi's Litter - OPEN :  This means that their litter is open and still have puppies available.

(Inside the post) Charlie and Naomi are ready to have their first litter! We're going to start out small, so until further notice we're having just two puppies. Their names will be Clyde and Amber. Clyde is silver with a white underbelly and dark brown markings. Pelt: 64-64-64, Underbelly: 255-255-255, Markings: 24-10-0. Eyes: Whatever color you want! He's a sweet heart with a shy personality and a knack for telling jokes. Here's a sketch of him.


Amber will be a golden-brown color, with bright golden eyes. Until the puppies turn 6 months of age, we want her ears to be folded. She is outgoing and very curious. Sometimes she can come off as rude, because she blurts out whatever is on her mind. She has no markings. Pelt color is ..."etc" Here is an idea of what she looks like.


We require a role play sample audition for the pups. This is so we can ensure that the characters are portrayed in our vision. The theme for the role play sample is "Leaving the den for the first time." You may send your sample to either of us through PM on the website. Good luck!!
The post does NOT have to include a role play audition. Some parents may want to do this, however, simply because it will make them feel more comfortable about who their giving their puppy idea to.

                  The post should remain that way until the puppies have been claimed. After this, the title should be updated to look like this:
Charlie and Naomi's Litter - CLOSED : Obviously, the litter is closed and there are no puppies available.
                  When the parents have decided upon a birth date, they should update the title again, to look like so:
                  Charlie and Naomi's Litter - 6/15/2016 : This is the date that the puppies will be born.

It is NOT mandatory for you to name the pups. Nor is it mandatory to give them a description. Simply, it makes things a bit easier and is more realistic than having two pale grey wolves having puppies that are red, brown, tan, or black. It's also not mandatory for a mater pair to have pups-- its just very common. But a single parent can make a post as well!

Those who are interested in becoming a pup for an expecting litter, if you already have a character in the pack, the pup will be counted as your second character. You may not have more than two active characters in the pack at a time. If you are new, it isn't wise to have two puppy characters in the pack, because it's hard to be active on both of them. As for having interest in claiming a pup to play as, you must PM the parent on the website or in game so that you may have permission from them to take the pup.
There is an importance for you to be active, even when you are an unborn pup. Your parents will want to see that you are indeed active so they don't have to worry that they may be without one of their puppies. If you cannot meet the birth date that the parents have provided, be sure to notify them as soon as possible so that something can be worked out.
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